Flagler Beach Surprise Engagement

I always love when couples come for engagement photo shoots because we get to see the true happiness and love they share at this exciting time in life.  But rarely do we get to capture the exact moment that the question is asked, except this time I did!  The soon to be groom and I secretly chatted a few days before and texted our locations as we planned a short walk down Flagler Beach before pausing, taking in the moment, then stepping down to one knee and asking the girl of his dreams that one question.  As a photographer, we dont get to capture these pure moments all to often.  While it was planned and he had it all mapped out, its still so unpredictable, no one knows what to expect.  Literally, I had no idea the exact moment he would take a knee and I dont think he quite knew either.  He just needed the right time and I needed to be ready.  Everything went smoothly, perfectly, and beautifully.  The hardest part was keeping a good distance so his soon to be fiance would not get suspicious and I did not want to intrude on their moment either.  It was a true pleasure and honor to share this life changing moment with this couple and hopefully the pictures do some justice to the splendor and joy of this moment.

Congrats to the Happy Couple!

~ Swayne Parsons

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