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Josh and Danielle Sears

Josh was a man on a mission when he found out he had a short reprieve from Afghanistan, where he was deployed.  Just like in the movie, Officer and a Gentleman,  Josh got off the plane, drove straight to where Danielle worked, dropped to a knee and proposed his eternal Love for her.  Of course, she said YES!!!!  Then, just a few days later, he was swept back to the war in Afghanistan.  Danielle waited patiently for her lover to return to her.  This is truly a Love Story that novels & movies are made from.  And what makes this even more special for me personally, is that I am marrying Josh’s sister Rachael November 25, 2011.  So; please sit back and enjoy the Couture Wedding Photography I was able to capture for my future brother-in-law & sister-in-law; Joshua & Danielle Sears.                 Click Here to watch Video

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Nicholas Family Beach Portrait Session

What a beautiful family! I remember when I was on the phone with Mrs. Nicholas… she said “My daughters are gorgeous”. She was right! I’m sure their father carries a shot gun around with him 24/7… Trust me, as a father of a beautiful 22 year old, I can relate!  Check out this proud Dad & his beautiful wife & girls…

natalie ashley nicholas - we had the most amazing time during this take…… all day long my dad was mad at me because i bought him and my mom this picture shoot….. he was nervous had no idea what he was getting into…. after the shoot we went to dinner and he goes “nat that was a lot of fun, not at all what i had expected… i cannot wait to see the pictures!!!” after that my dad had me checking the website like every hour to see if they were posted!!!!! we are a very close family…. my parents being married 30 years this halloween…..and my sister are my bestfriends….. in our pictures you can really see how michael captured the closeness of our family!!!!! we love every picture you took going to be hard to choose!!!!!! thank you for an awesome time!!!!!!

craig nicholas - i am the father in these pictures he made it so very easy for me i do not like to pose in pictures and he made it very enjoyable for me and my family

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Don & Kathy Gibson’s Beach Session

I had the privilege of photographing such a wonderful couple back in April and I just had to share some of their photos with you. Don and Kathy were in Daytona from out of town and wanted to have a beautiful and romantic session here on our “World’s Most Famous Beach” to  showcase their love for each other. They were so wonderful to work with and all of their images came out just beautifully! Plus you cannot get a more stunning backdrop than an ocean!!

If you would like to schedule a session for yourself and significant other or maybe an updated family portrait, give us a call at our studio.


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