Prom Portraits by Michael’s Photography

I had the opportunity of photographing 17 High School Seniors for their Prom portraits.  We had an amazing place to photograph at.  The complex is located next to Tavern & Chapel in the Garden in South Daytona.   Raven was my main concern, so I photographed her pre-preparation shots as if she was preparing for her wedding – couture shots of her dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.   Then, we took the session outside to the court yard.  The majestic staircase was awesome to utilize!  Sit back & enjoy the images we created…

Kelsey a - They look awesome!!! Thanks abunch!

admin - You are so welcome! It was a fun shoot at an amazing location!

admin - My pleasure!!!

Jon - – Oh my goodness she’s adalobre!! I just love the variety you get in studio. Mom and Dad must be thru the roof in love with these. I LOVE the one of her holding the teddy bear. Beautiful work as always Gail!June 8, 2011 1:05 pm

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